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5 Bullpup Guns You Just Have to See [VIDEO]

bullpup guns

Bullpup guns have so much to offer the shooter.

With all the variety on the market, choosing a bullpup gun can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are five of the most awesome bullpups you should at least check out.

What is a bullpup gun anyway?

Well, it is a long gun with a shorter stock and a forward trigger system. This makes the overall length pretty short, even though you might still have a regular-length barrel.

Shotgun bullpups offer great firepower out of a short package. A rifle bullpup configuration allows the shooter to have a quick-handling gun in close quarters. Long distance shots are still possible with the standard-length barrels retained in the design.

Which of these five would you choose?

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5 Bullpup Guns You Just Have to See [VIDEO]