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These 5 Broadheads for Turkey Hunting Will Put a Tom in Your Bag

Here are five suggestions for the ideal broadheads for turkey hunting, just in time for the spring season's start.

3 - magnus bullhead turkey fixed blade

When opening day for turkey hunting finally arrives, the hunters who have dreamed of the day since the cold of winter will finally get to aim for their limit. Turkey bowhunters put a lot of time into choosing the right bow, but what about the ideal turkey broadheads for the task at hand?

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Turkey hunters want to be confident that when an arrow hits the target, it will drop immediately. There is nothing more frustrating than wounding a turkey and failing to harvest it.

These five, and many more archery supplies, can be found at Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops.

View the slideshow to see the choices, and leave a comment if we left your favorite out.

Flying Arrow Tom-Bomb Three-Blade Broadhead 

Photo via a href="" target="_blank">Cabela's

With a perfectly timed neck shot, this Tom-Bomb Three-Blade broadhead will leave that turkey without a head. Each blade is medical grade metal (read: very sharp).

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Keep in mind that this broadhead may not be legal in all states. Check the laws before using it, but count on an effective job if you're in the clear.

Arrowdynamic Solutions Guillotine Fixed-Blade Turkey Broadheads 

Photo via Bass Pro Shops 

The Guillotine Fixed-Blade broadhead has four super sharp, stainless steel blades with a hardened point that will save meat by avoiding the need for a chest shot. This is a great turkey hunting solution, with its wide 4x4-inch cutting diameter. If you want a deadly broadhead to go with your deadly aim, this is the one.

Magnus Bullhead Turkey Fixed-Blade Broadheads 

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Turkey hunters have come to just love these Magnus Bullhead Turkey Fixed-Blade broadheads. The blades can be resharpened, but also come with a set of replacements. Arrows must be long to keep the wide broadhead in front of the bow's riser. Turkey hunters nationwide highly recommend this broadhead, and for good reason.

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NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter Broadheads 

Photo via Cabela's

Reviews from other turkey hunters on this NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter broadhead are phenomenal. With a name like "Gobbler Getter" there's no wonder. Turkeys drop immediately when hit with the bullet-type tip and three sharpened blades of the NAP Spitfire. A hunter will not go wrong using these broadheads on their next turkey hunting trip.

Rage 3-Blade Turkey Broadheads 

Photo via Cabela's

Rage makes precision broadheads for turkey hunting, and this 3-Blade broadhead, along with their 2-blade version, are both coveted by turkey hunters from all over. Do keep in mind that this broadhead is not legal in all states, so be sure and check your local laws before grabbing it.

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These 5 Broadheads for Turkey Hunting Will Put a Tom in Your Bag