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5 Ideal Bows for Turkey Hunting

Here's a highlight of the top five bows for turkey hunting, because the season is upon us.

4 - diamond

Compound bow hunting has grown especially popular in recent years as the technology advances requiring less training for accurate shots. For turkey bow hunting, the new styles of bows provide accuracy and range comparable to a shotgun while damaging the meat harvest less than the traditional blast of #4 turkey shot.

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A few specific bows come to mind as industry leaders for reliability and ease of use.

View the slideshow to see our picks, and leave a comment if we left one out.

Quest by G5 Drive Compound Bow

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The Quest by G5 Drive, with its aluminum alloy riser and durafuse finish, is known as a top industry leader for its technology and comfort in shooting. A quiet shot at 330 fps is maintained with the Twin Track flux cams, Meta speed studs, Bowjax limb dampeners and the adjustable string suppressor.

It has a standard adjustable draw length of 26-31 inches and draw weight of 50 to 70 pounds, plenty for bow hunting any type of game, large or small.

PSE Bowmadness XP

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The Bowmadness by PSE is known for being light and fast, delivering smooth shots at 335 fps. It comes with a user adjustable draw length of 25 to 30 inches with a draw weight of 45-70 pounds, and 75% letoff rate. With only a 30 inch measurement axle to axle, this compound bow is incredibly forgiving in spite of the compact size. It comes backed by the good name of PSE, a known leader for innovation and technology within the field of bow hunting and competitive target archery.

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Bear Domain Compound Bow

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Bear compound bows offer a convenience seldom found with the other industry leaders. They come with the Ready To Hunt (RTH) package for a full setup to allow for shooting to begin immediately instead of the purchaser having to decide on specific sights, counterweight/stabilizer, strap, string silencers, arrow rest and all the other accessories required to turn a bow into an efficient hunting tool.

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With draw weights available from 50-70 pounds and an 80% letoff, this bow can launch an arrow at 322 fps. Again, this is a well known and proven company with years of experience in providing for the customer's needs and consistently provides top of the line equipment with the most advanced technology available.

Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Although it is considered a beginner bow, the Diamond Infinite Edge has some great features that provide a versatility that is uncommon in most modern bows. The draw length is adjustable from 13-30 inches allowing for use by youngsters or adults, and this is further backed by the amazing amount of draw weight adjustment of five to seventy pounds with a 75% letoff rate.

Don't worry, this doesn't make it a children's bow. It is in a fact a full fledged hunting bow that can easily take down a turkey or any other game in the field.

RedHead Kronic XT Compound Bow

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

The machined aluminum riser of the RedHead Kronic XT makes for an extremely light and strong bow. With a user adjustable draw length of 26-31 inches and draw weights available from 40-70 pounds with 80% letoff, this bow can send an arrow downrange at 305 fps while providing the user with a comfortable shooting experience from the low carry weight of 3.5 pounds.

It comes set up with a Hostage brand capture style arrow rest, three pin sight and five arrow quiver. It is known as being a bargain for it useful efficiency at a low price when compared to similar bows.

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5 Ideal Bows for Turkey Hunting