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5 Biggest Bighorn Sheep of All Time [PICS]

biggest sheep kills

These are the 5 biggest bighorn sheep kills currently in the Safari Club International record book.

biggest sheep kills

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep are the largest sheep species in North America, and are among the largest in the world.

They call the mountains of Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota home. Usually living in high altitude, hard to reach areas, bighorn sheep are some of the most difficult animals to hunt in the world.

Sheep hunts are physically demanding and success rates are often extremely low. As a result, any mature ram is usually very hard earned and is truly the trophy of a lifetime. That is what makes the sheep on this list so impressive: they really are the best specimens of an already difficult animal to hunt.

Using the Safari Club International measuring system, sheep are scored according to the length of each horn on its outer curve. Then, the circumference of each horn is measured at the base and at spots 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 the distance from the base to the tip, based on the length of the longer horn. All of the measurements are added together for the final score of the sheep.

The Boone & Crockett measurement system is similar, but the SCI method does not deduct for symmetry and does not take into account the spread of the horns. However, SCI & B&C measurements for the same sheep are often similar. In this case, the #1 sheep for each system is the same, though the final score differs by 2".

SCI accepts entries taken with a rifle, bow, muzzleloader, shotgun, crossbow, and handgun. All animals that rank in the Top 20 of the SCI Record Book must be scored by a master scorer at least 60 days after the hunt.

Featured Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

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Check out the slideshow and see the biggest sheep in the record books.

#5 Matt Ribbentrop

biggest sheep kills sheep #5

Image Courtesy of SCI

Date: November 2010
Location: Chouteau County, Montana
Method: Rifle, Self-Guided
Length of Each Horn: 40 5/8" & 43 3/8"
Circumference at Base: 17 2/8" & 17 4/8"
Total Score: 204 6/8"

Southern Chouteau County, Montana is part of the legendary Missouri Breaks, which is some of the best sheep country in the United States. Though this sheep's left horn was slightly smaller than the right horn due to being broken off, the sheep had absolutely massive bases that helped make up for the loss. The fact that this sheep was taken on a self-guided hunt (the only one on the list) makes this sheep even more impressive.

#4 James Brogan

biggest sheep kills sheep #4

Image Courtesy of SCI

Date: October 2011
Location: Blaine County, Montana
Method: Rifle
Length of Each Horn: 42" & 42 7/8"
Circumference at Base: 17 1/8" & 17"
Total Score: 205 2/8"

Just east of Chouteau County, Blaine County Montana is also part of the Missouri Breaks. Though this sheep also had broken horns, it was very impressive all around and there was very little variation between the horns. Taken in October of 2011, this sheep is the most recent addition to the Top 20 in the SCI record book. This sheep is also the biggest ever hunted in the United States.

#3 Sherwin N. Scott

biggest sheep kills sheep #3

Image Courtesy of SCI

Date: November 1999
Location: Cadomin, Alberta
Method: Rifle
Length of Each Horn: 43 3/8" & 42 4/8"
Circumference at Base: 16 7/8" & 17"
Total Score: 205 5/8"

Located in west-central Alberta near the border with British Columbia, Cadomin is a very small former mining town. However, the area is better known for absolutely fantastic sheep hunting and all of the top 3 sheep were hunted in this general area of Alberta. Only 3/8" separate this sheep from #4 on the list, and this sheep's slightly longer horns make up for his slightly smaller bases.

#2 Gary Hansen

biggest sheep kills sheep #2

Image Courtesy of SCI

Date: November 1995
Location: WMU 438, Alberta
Method: Rifle
Length of Each Horn: 44 2/8" & 47 7/8"
Circumference at Base: 16 5/8" & 16 3/8"
Total Score: 206 2/8"

Also taken in west-central Alberta, this massive old ram was #1 in the record books for a number of years. Though his bases are not as massive as some of the other rams on this list, his incredibly long, unbroken horns are what put him over the top. Another interesting fact about this sheep was that the hunter was guided by Randy Babala, a name you will see again shortly.

#1 Guinn D. Crousen

biggest sheep kills sheep #1

Image Courtesy of SCI

Date: November 2000
Location: Luscar Mountain, Alberta
Method: Rifle
Length of Each Horn: 46 5/8" & 47 4/8"
Circumference at Base: 16 4/8" & 16 2/8"
Total Score: 210 3/8"

This impressive ram (also taken in west-central Alberta) beat the previous #1 sheep by over 4 inches. Once again, though his bases were not as large as some of the others on this list, he also had ridiculously long, unbroken horns that set him apart from the rest of the pack. This hunter was also guided by Randy Babala, which puts Mr. Babala in the unique position of having guided the hunts for the #1 & #2 sheep (a former #1) in the SCI record book. Finally, this sheep is also the #1 sheep in the Boone & Crockett record book, where it scores 208 3/8", a difference of ~1%.

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5 Biggest Bighorn Sheep of All Time [PICS]