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5 Big Rigs for Catching Big Sharks [PICS]

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If Shark Week taught us anything, it's that we need big rigs to catch big sharks.

For many fishermen, catching big sharks are the pinnacle of prize catches around the world. However, catching sharks can't be done with just any ordinary rod, reel, or rig.

You need something that can stand up to teeth, weight, power, and also have the durability to last for hours under pressure.

The following rigs are the best you can find to get the job done, especially if you go on a quest for big sharks yourself. Before you do, ask yourself this question; are you going to need a bigger boat?

1. Offshore Angler Shark Rig

38690_isIf you are looking for a straight-forward shark rig that has the guts behind it to get the job done, you are looking at it.

This is the only rig from Bass Pro Shops that has a five-star rating. With a price tag of $16.99, it only adds to the overall value. With eight feet of 480-pound, 7 x 7 cable attached to four feet of #12 wire, Jaws better be on notice.

2. Sea Striker® Shark Rig


Don't be fooled into thinking that a shark rig is just a shark rig.

Cabela's offers something that might make you want to take a good hard look. The Sea Striker offers nine feet of 480-pound-test stainless steel with an additional four feet of solid stainless steel wire attached to the cable.

They actually designed this rig to slip through a shark's teeth like dental floss. At $12.99, it's a steal.

3. Texas Tackle Factory Shark Ready Rig


Here's another rig that is shark tested and angler approved.

Instead of the wire leaders above, this one is comprised of a six-foot, 170-pound black steelon leader. There is a smoothness to the finish that protects the undercoating. At only $3.79 per rig, this is a bargain.

4. Bomber Paradise Popper X-Treme


What does fishing for sharks do if you can't get their attention?

With this ultra heavy design and beads built into the rig to simulate shrimp clicks, or the sound of schooling fish, once this is connected to a single hook rig above, you are in business. At only $6.49, why wouldn't you want one?

5. Penn® International V Big Game Special Reel


So, great... You can hook a shark, you can attract a shark, but how in the world can you reel in it?

This is where the Penn Big Game Special comes in. With the ability to switch gear ratios at the flip of the switch matched with heavy machined-aluminum frames, any fish that you set the hook into will be boatside shortly. This reel does require an investment.

Coming in between $550 and $900, this might be the last saltwater shark reel you will ever own.

If you are going to be headed to the salt anytime soon, make sure one of these five saltwater shark options are on your boat.

All five of these options are backed by Bass Pro or Cabela's, and with names like those, you know you will be in good hands.

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5 Big Rigs for Catching Big Sharks [PICS]