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5 of the Greatest Youth Hunting Kill Reactions Ever [VIDEO]

These are the best kid hunting kill reactions you’ve ever seen!

The excitement these kids show after their kills can barely be contained. High fives, fist bumps, and hugs cannot be held back. Take a look at these if you’re looking to grin ear to ear today.

Patience Pays Off

After missing a few opportunities, this youth’s patience pays off. Her reaction is priceless. Her father narrates the hunt and is thrilled that he got her reaction on video. He’s right when he says no video game can get a kid that excited!

First Buck with Bow

This young man downed his first buck with his bow and arrow. He can barely contain his excitement and give his mentor a fist bump.

There’s No Containing This Reaction

This young lady was completely unable to stay quiet. Her reaction makes that okay though. The joy she shares with us is amazing! We don’t think anyone ever grows out of this reaction, they only learn how to stay a little quieter.

The First Shot Isn’t Always Perfect

This young man has clearly been sitting and waiting for hours. He just wakes up from a nap when a buck appears. Unfortunately, he misses. Six hours later he gets another opportunity and makes the kill. He stays quiet but his face flushes red with excitement.

Shocked Silence

This 8-year-old is almost in shock that he was able to finish off the kill. He stays very quiet, barely able to share a few muffled words.


Do you remember your first kill as a child? Share this with someone who would appreciate the looks on the kids’ faces.

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5 of the Greatest Youth Hunting Kill Reactions Ever [VIDEO]