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The 5 Best Turkey Blinds Worth the Price [PICS]

MS Sportsman

When it comes to turkey blinds that allows you the best setup possible, these blinds are worth the price.

Turkey hunting can be pretty hard work. Hunting these birds can be near impossible if you have a bad setup with poor-quality turkey blinds that do not really conceal, allow for movement, or provide range for an eventual shot.

This short list of turkey blinds should be high on your radar to get you ready for turkey season.

1. GhostBlind - Not Seeing is Believing™ 

GhostBlind is simply the best concealment blind available on the market. It can be easily carried and set up anywhere or anytime. This blind not only conceals but reflects the exact terrain around it, making this blind, and whoever is behind it, invisible to turkeys.

You can find these here ranging from $100 to around $400 with an average weight of 12 pounds, depending on the blind option you choose. If you are looking for one of the best turkey blinds available, you found it.

Ghostblind. August 24, 2009.


2. Cabela's Predator™ Den Ground Blind

Cabela's has long been known as one of the best places in the country to buy high-quality gear for all outdoorsmen. This ground blind, pictured below, is no exception. This blind allows you to hunt in rain or sun and keeps you concealed the entire time.

With shoot-through mesh, brush strips, a 75-foot by 75-foot base, 67-inch center height, and weighing just over 19 pounds, the Den Ground Blind allows you to bring your buddies along for the hunt. You can find this blind here for about $150.



 3. Primos Shack Attack

Sometimes you just want to set up a blind that is big enough for a buddy or a dog. Enter, the Primos Shack Attack. This is one of the better turkey blind setups to come along in a while. With a two-hub system, the whole blind sets up rapidly with a large back end that allows for easy entry and exit.

The Shack Attack also offers a very wide shooting range. Coming in at 20 pounds, it is a little heavier than some. Find this blind here for $249.95.



4. Bone Collector™ Man Cave

Ameristep really went out of their way when they designed this blind. Just like the name might suggest, this turkey blind is literally so big it's like a cave.

I personally like more room in a blind than not, and this offers more than enough to keep most happy. Weighing 18 pounds, it is easily transportable. Coming in with a 72-inch footprint, an 88-inch shooting width, and 82 inches of vertical height, it's big enough to stand up and stretch while waiting on the turkeys to cooperate.

Find this blind right here for $250.



5. Invisi-Bull Two-Person Ground Blind

Gander Mountain has securely locked itself in as one of the top go-to retail stores of the outdoors industry. With products like this, it's no wonder.

Coming in at approximately 18 pounds, this blind is very easy to set up. Perfect for two people, or just extra room for one, the 180-degree shooting angle gives you plenty of options. It is a little smaller with a size of 59 inches by 59 inches, and a vertical height of 69 inches.

You can find it here for $149.99.



In the big scheme of things, if you decide on any of these five turkey blinds, you are making a wise choice to help you bag a turkey this coming spring. Good luck this year, and be sure to enjoy the season.

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The 5 Best Turkey Blinds Worth the Price [PICS]