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5 Best Tips to Keep Your Hunting Boots Happy [PICS]

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Hunting boots may be the hunter’s most used and abused gear. Here is how to take care of them. 

Most of our boots find themselves worked hard and stored wet at the end of the hunt.

Here are five tips to keep those boots looking great, and surviving longer than ever before.

1. Keep them clean.

At the end of the hunt, don’t just toss your boots in the garage.

Wash off the mud and scrub out the treads with a nylon brush. This is especially important if the boots are leather.


2. Dry those boots.

The outside of your boots may eventually dry on their own but the inside is another story.

If left wet on the inside, mold and horrible odors can grow. This really doesn’t benefit your deer hunts where scent control is all too important.

Use a product like the “PEET Boot Dryer” and safely dry all boots from the inside out. Dry boots are also a lot warmer than wet boots.


3. Dress those boots.

Leather boots require special care. They are often neglected and this leads to cracked leather and wet feet.

Use a product like “Sof Sole Leather Lube” to bring that leather back to life.


4. Patch those rubber boots.

Thorns and sticks can pop a hole in your rubber boots on short order. When you get home from the hunt, dry your boots thoroughly after cleaning them.

Use a product like “Shoe Goo” to patch those holes. For big problems, use duct tape with a coating of “Shoe Goo” over that for a heavy duty patch. I’ve been doing this for years.

shoegoo-1 (1)


5. Watch where you step.

This is the easiest, most important tip to ensure your boots keep working for you.

Broken glass in old dumps back in the woods tear up boot soles with a vengeance. Briars are famous for nipping fishing waders and rubber boots.

Slant (1)
Treasure Net

These steps will allow you to use your favorite boots for many seasons to come.

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5 Best Tips to Keep Your Hunting Boots Happy [PICS]