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5 Best States to Hunt for Whitetail Deer

Here are the five best places to hunt whitetail deer!


Iowa can be a dream destination for whitetail hunters. The state has quality deer herds throughout. Hunters who want to hunt this state must apply for a license. The more years you apply the more preference points you can build. Preference points will increase your odds of drawing this coveted tag.

There are over 600 Boone and Crockett whitetail entries for this state. It is definitely worth your time and effort to draw a tag of a lifetime.

A 200 Inch, 11 Point Iowa Giant
A 200-Inch, 11-Point Iowa Giant,


Alberta is a whitetail hunter's paradise. The mix of farmland and timber coupled with beautiful river valleys make this area the perfect breeding ground for monster bucks. Early season feeding patterns often allow hunters to cash in on trophy bucks while they are still patternable.

The sheer body and antler size of these bucks is something that a hunter dreams about all his life. Outfitters can help you increase your odds of success as they often have hit list bucks patterned well before season.

A 312 Inch buck found in Alberta.
A 312 Inch buck found in Alberta.


Illinois seems to be this decade's hotspot for trophy deer hunting. This state is known for the giant bucks that call the river bottoms and agricultural fields home.

Illinois, much like Iowa, can produce giant bucks because the habitat is amazing. Agriculture provides these bucks with unlimited amounts of protein-rich food and the thick hardwoods can provide some of the best cover around.

Pike County and the rest of West Central Illinois are the best spots in the state to target big bucks. This destination should be on every serious hunter's bucket list.

An Illinois Monster!
An Illinois Monster! Heartland Outdoors


Texas is a state known for Monster Bucks. The state's extensive wildlife management program and large open areas of scrub brush have allowed the age structure and genetics of the deer herd to reach an amazing level.

Few places in the United States can give the average hunter a true chance at a monster buck. Texas has produced numerous bucks over 200 inches in the last few years.

Robert Taylor's 254 inch free range giant.
Robert Taylor's 254 inch free range giant.


Wisconsin is increasingly producing some giant bucks. Wisconsin's big woods coupled with an abundance of agricultural feeding options have produced numerous giant bucks over the last 10 years.

Buffalo County. Wisconsin ranks as the best county in the state. There are many public land options in Wisconsin and even that can produce truly giant bucks.

244 Inch WI Giant
244 Inch WI Giant. Deer And Deer Hunting

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Any of these great states could lead you to your next trophy buck. Public land options or even outfitters can produce truly giant whitetails.

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5 Best States to Hunt for Whitetail Deer