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Ladies, You’ll Want to See These 5 Best She-Shed Design Ideas

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We always hear about Man Caves, but don’t the ladies deserve some spaces of their own, too?

Some ladies may want something similar to our Man Cave ideas, but there are others that would rather have something a bit more feminine that isn’t confined to the laundry room. For those ladies, here are the best She-Shed ideas out there.

Some take a bit more money, but the key is to let your imagination travel far and wide.

1. The Castle

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Every man has his throne, but every queen needs a castle, too.

2. The Cottage

The Inspired Room

Airy and relaxing, this little backyard cottage is a great getaway.

3. Quaint Cabin

Static Homes

It may not be Wonderland, but this quaint little cabin looks like it jumped from the pages of Dr. Suess.

4. Gardner Getaway

Gardner Getaway
Debra Prinzing

Turn a potting shed into a nice little getaway room in the backyard. Herbs hanging from the rafters give you a homey, organic smell, and keep you cozy and comfy all year.

5. Sewer’s Paradise


This little sewers paradise is full of many yards of material under great lighting.

We could go on for hours with ideas for the best She-Sheds out there, but the real key is that it provides a nice getaway for the busy lady to relax, recoup and renew.

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Ladies, You’ll Want to See These 5 Best She-Shed Design Ideas