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5 Best Places to Fish in Ohio

Flickr/Heather McQuaid

If you’ve never been fishing in Ohio, you need to get there ASAP.

With a great lake at the top of our beautiful state, a large river, located at the bottom, both heavily populated with different breeds of fish, and all the fishing places in between, there aren’t many places you can’t find to successfully fish in Ohio.

Here are five places worth your while to fish in Ohio.

1. Lake Erie

One of the greatest places to fish in Ohio is Lake Erie. This body of water is fully stocked with a wide array of fish species, giving you the ultimate fishing experience. Fishing is enjoyed at Lake Erie generally three out of the four seasons: spring, summer, and fall.

With options like charters and multiple on-shore fishing sites, the possibilities are endless to enjoy the fruitful Ohio Great Lake. There are even places available that offer fishing equipment rentals, giving anyone the chance to experience Lake Erie.

2. Sandusky Bay

Due to harsh environments in the winter, the main part of Lake Erie is highly disregarded to do any fishing. But to our luck, Sandusky Bay, an arm of Lake Erie, offers a safe year-round fishing experience with all the perks.

This arm supplies just as many species of fish as the main body of water, but gives any fisherman the advantage and luxury to enjoy this sport season after season.

3. Mosquito Creek Lake

This Ohio man-made body of water is my personal favorite. I grew up fishing on this lake and believe me, the fishing here will make you come back for more.

This lake may be smaller than Lake Erie, but don’t let that fool you. Mosquito Lake also has a nice selection of fish inhabiting this water, including walleye, bluegill, crappie, and many more. And don’t be surprised if more than one wall-hanger finds it way onto your line.

4. Lake Milton

This challenging lake tests all angler’s skills and techniques by contributing a large and diverse fish population. A home to walleye, large and small mouth bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, yellow perch, and even muskie and bullheads, it is almost impossible to be certain of what you may catch.

Many anglers bring a strategic selection of bait and lures to see what will work in the specific area. This type of fishing is a fun and diverse way to see just how good of a fisherman you may be.

5. The Ohio River

This popular body of water offers a plentiful selection of fish for any fisherman to try and lure in. With a range from walleye to hybrid striper and a lot in between, you never now what you may pull up to surface.

The Ohio River can become a little crowded at times, due to neighboring states visiting for the abundant fishing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to go around and then some. Especially the trophy fish. The Ohio river boasts with opportunities to snag all different kinds of trophy fish, drawing in anglers from all around.

Ohio is proud to be home of a plentiful amount of places to drop your line. We humble ourselves in knowing we supply our anglers with a diverse fish population. And we like the fact that our fishing tests all our skill and requires every technique we have up our sleeves.

So take the fun and engaging challenge of fishing in Ohio, especially in these five spots. You may never know how good of an angler you are until you fish in Ohio.



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5 Best Places to Fish in Ohio