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5 Best Pepper Sprays for the Ultimate Self-Defense

Pepper sprays have come a long way since the first commercial sales.

Check out these top five pepper sprays that will be there when you need them.

1. Kimber's Pepper Blaster II

Kimber's Pepper Blaster II gives you an easy platform to shoot from, just like a pistol, and two high-powered shots that cannot be affected by wind. It has a four-year shelf life and is not affected by hot or cold weather.

Kimber America

2. JPX Jet Protector

JPX Jet Protector is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system, offers two reloadable shots and fires a potent liquid at 405 mph with effective distance of 20 feet. This one is all business, even used by law enforcement!

Pepper Spray Center 

3. Sabre Red

A great key chain pepper spray canister is the Sabre Red maximum strength product. It is there when you need it, and available in pink too!

Sabre Red

4. Sabre Red Home Defense

Need a home defense pepper spray? Look no farther than the Sabre Red Home Defense canister. Fog that aggressor, or a whole room for that matter, with this potent product!

Sabre Red

Bear Spray

What about hiking in the wilds where firearms are a no-no or you want an alternative to one? Take along a canister of potent bear spray. This product will usually stop a charging bear with a cloud of hot pepper spray that will send mama grizzly back into the woods.

It also is a great alternative to trying to explain to the game warden why you shot a bear out of season with a gun. Scare the beast away and everyone wins.

Sportsman's Guide

Pepper spray options have a lot to offer, so give them a try. Better to have and not need, than need and not have.

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5 Best Pepper Sprays for the Ultimate Self-Defense