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5 Best Ice Fishing Rods

When it comes to ice fishing, the market is usually extremely helpful in guiding anglers to the equipment they need. Great brand-name companies frequently bundle rod-and-reel combos specifically built for ice fishing purposes, and each brand usually sells rods of varying weights so that the need of every unique angler can be met. Below, we’ve collected five of our ice fishing rod brands, but rest assured that there are countless options out there waiting to enhance your experience when you tap the ice and start fishing for the first time this winter.

1. St. Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods: St. Croix has long been a reliable provider of ice fishing equipment, and their “Legend” line of rods is arguably the best the company has to offer. Each 24 inches long, but varying in weight (Medium, Medium Heavy, and Medium Light are the options), all St. Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods feature a state-of-the-art strike indicator system that helps anglers see the fish coming before feeling the bit. The technological aspect of these rods is usually enough to saw ice fishermen, but the beautiful and durable construction – of carbon, stainless steel, and 24-karat gold – often seals the deal.

st croixPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

2. Clam Mackinaw Baitcast Rods: As its name suggests, the Clam Mackinaw Baitcast is renowned around Michigan and in the Great Lakes, areas known for their great fishing both during beautiful summers and pummeling winters. The Baitcast itself is meant for ice fishing use, and it adds a few features – including a shock-absorbent guide, a cork handle perfect for winter use, and what is called a “Hyper Modulus Graphite blank,” which works to reduce angler fatigues – that anyone can appreciate. Perfect for scoring trout in the dead of winter.

clam mackinawPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

3. Frabill Ice Fishing Spinning Rod and Reel Combo: Sold as a rod-and-reel combination, Frabill’s ice fishing rods provide a nice range of lengths and weights to choose from. Frabill rods are strong, powerful, durable, and dependable, lacking the flash of something like the St. Croix Legend, but still standing in the ranks of terrific ice fishing gear. All stainless steel and graphite, Frabill’s rods are stable enough to fight the biggest fish, but touchy enough to feel the earliest indications of a bite.

frabillPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

4. Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo: Abundantly like the Frabill rods and reels in function, price, and variability in length and weight, the Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Fishing Rod and Reel combos add a nice touch of modernity to your ice fishing proceedings. With a sleek construction of stainless steel, graphite, and aluminum, the Veritas rod and reel combo looks great and performs even better, standing up to corrosion and other time-warranted decay and landing fish through a powerful reel and a subtle but noticeable blank contact on the rod.

abu-garciaPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

5. Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Rods: With five different weight/length options, the Fenwick Elite Tech rods are perfect for an angler who needs to buy a rod built to their unique specifications. These rods are affordable and customizable, but don’t sacrifice any performance in the transition: like the other rods discussed here, Fenwick’s products include durable construction, powerful grip, and sensitive graphite blanks.

fenwickPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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5 Best Ice Fishing Rods