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5 Best Herbs for the Hunter to Plant This Summer [PICS]

Herbs can bring out the flavor or help tame the flavor when cooking wild game.

Here are our top five herbs for the hunter to plant this summer.

1. Sage

This herb tames flavor of meat which is very important when dealing with wild game. It can withstand long cooking times and hold onto its flavors. This is a great choice for those slow-cooked game meats.


2. Rosemary

Rosemary stands up against strong game flavors and it is easy to grow. This mint family member is great used raw or cooked.

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3. Bay Leaves

This aromatic leaf is a strong herb used for rabbit and for pork. This flexible herb can liven up those blander-flavored meats also.

Close up of two pork chops with bay leaves


4. Thyme

This is a strong herb for such dishes as wild turkey. Poultry of any sort can be livened up with this great herb from the garden.

Country Living

5. Tarragon

This is a great herb for wild fowl such as turkey, ducks and geese. Add this to your recipes of even fish and eggs for a culinary delight.

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Get ready for a great meal this fall. All you will need is to bring home that wild game meat and call the family over.

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5 Best Herbs for the Hunter to Plant This Summer [PICS]