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The 5 Best Camping Multi-Tools

Next to a hunting dog and fresh cold beer, a man's best friend is his multi-tool. Small, compact and ready to help in a pinch, multi-tools can do everything from fix little tweaks to save the day. It's amazing what one little tool can accomplish if dressed with the right bells and whistles. While no man is an island, these five camping multi-tools can get you pretty damn close. Take a look at our five best camping multi-tools:

1. SOG PowerAssist:

This is one good-looking tool. Living up to its company's standards, the SOG PowerAssist offers a broad range of functions ready for the campsite. This awesome multi-tool features two large blades (serrated and straight-edge) that can be deployed with SOG Assisted Technology: just a touch of the thumb peg opens the blades, while a patented compound leverage device locks them into place. To ensure your safety, the blades lock into place via safety switches so you can perform other tasks without fear of getting sliced. Among the other tools of the PowerAssist are precision needle-nose pliers and a patented V-Cut blade. And in case you were wondering, the PowerAssist offers a hell of a grip.

1sog---powerassistPhoto via SOG Knives

2. Leatherman Wave:

Considered the brand's most popular tool, the Leatherman Wave packs 17 tools into one body. Equipped with two different screw bits and a flawless stainless steel body, it's definitely the tool to beat. The Wave includes a knife, serrate knife, pair of pliers, a saw, scissors, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, a can opener, and that's just to name a few. Each of the Wave's tools lock securely in place for comfortable use. Portable and easy to use with one hand, this tool is a must-have for any camping trip.

5-multi---leathermanPhoto via Leatherman

3.  Victorinox SwissTool:

Around for more than a decade, the tried and true Victorinox SwissTool can handle just about anything. Sporting blunt-nosed pliers, handles that double as a nine-inch ruler and an amazing variety of 24 total folding tools, it's not wonder why the SwissTool is an old favorite. Each of the folding tools hold firmly in place by a spring and lock when fully deployed. Convenient and compact, this handy tool also includes a lifetime warranty, but with its strong durability, we doubt you'll ever have to use it.

5-multi---victorinoxPhoto via Victorinox Swiss Army

4. Gerber Diesel:

Stylish with a bead-blasted type finish, the Gerber Diesel is here to work and look good while doing it. This handy tool features a total of twelve tools, including a pair of scissors and a saw blade for taking on tough jobs. Made from stainless steel diesel, this EDC accessory's sliding tool locks are built strong and hold securely. The Diesel's wrist-flick pliers offer smooth action, while its needle-nose pliers are slim and trim.

5-multi---gerber1Photo via Gerber Gear

5. Leatherman Micra:

Another Leatherman made our list for a pint-sized alternative to a heavy multi-tool. Super small (only 2.5 inches closed!) yet smartly designed, this handy tool features 10 different tools: a nail file, tweezers, a knife, three screwdrivers, a ruler nail clippers and spring-action scissors to name a few. Perfect for anglers who need to cut braids in a pinch, we love this compact multi-tool.

 5-multi---leatherman-micraPhoto via Leatherman


Featured image via Bound South

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The 5 Best Camping Multi-Tools