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5 Best Bowhunting Releases for this Season

Finding the right release can make all the difference hunting that big buck this season.

In the world of archery, there are just about as many releases as their are bows on the market. Wrist strap, handle, adjustable, hook or fang, the possibilities are endless and overwhelming to research.

In an effort to help my fellow archers, I've compiled five of the best releases out there for this bow season. Whether you're bowhunting for deer, turkeys, hogs, or what have you, these things should work regardless.

1. TRU Ball Fang RC

Archery Release
TRU Ball Archery

Finding a release that doesn't impact your overall draw length can be challenging. The TRU Ball Fang RS is wrist style release that utilizes a cord and knot system, which allows the shooter to easily adjust draw length.

Aside from the fact the draw length is customizable, this release comes with two different types of triggers, allowing for an extremely one-of-a-kind setup and fit. In addition, this system even lets the shooter adjust the pressure on the trigger itself, so that there are zero surprises when letting go on that monster buck.

2. TruFire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution

TruFire Archery

If your style of hunting calls for both hands to be free at all times, then this release is right up your alley. The TruFire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution is one of the latest releases from TruFire Archery, and incorporates new features that its younger sibling didn't have.

With a hook style head filled with eleven ball bearings, this release ensures for 360 degrees of smooth rotation when drawing back. Additionally, TruFire has included a removable "loop retainer" so it won't easily fall off your string when you're not connected to it.

Its trigger is adjustable from both a tension, as well as a travel standpoint, so there isn't any guessing about how far to pull the trigger. Whether you hook it on your bowstring or have it hang off of your vest with the included lanyard, this release is nothing short of exceptional.

3. TRU Ball Max Pro 4

TRU Ball Archery
TRU Ball Archery

If you want a caliper style release with a handle grip, then look no further. The TRU Ball Max Pro 4 is designed with the hunter in mind and is super comfortable while remaining silent in the field.

The caliper style head is specifically designed to be smaller in order to increase both draw length and bow speed. The thumb trigger can be adjusted to meet sensitivity requirements and is easy to function regardless of whether the shooter is wearing heavy gloves or not. Simply pull the trigger back to clip on to the string and you're good to go.

4. TRUGLO Nitrus


There is really nothing worse than finding the right release and then realizing that it's uncomfortable to wear all day. The TRUGLO Nitrus with BOA technology is one of the most comfortable and most adjustable wrist style releases available to bowhunters today.

The BOA system allows the shooter to adjust the wrist strap to the perfect tightness setting, allowing for a snug fit and maximum comfort throughout the hunt. The trigger is also tunable and designed to have practically zero travel, making this trigger very crisp every single shot.

5. Cobra Archery Mamba Micro

Archery release
Cobra Archery

For smaller shooters, Cobra Archery has you covered with their Mamba Micro release.

Cobra has done an excellent job designing a release with all of the great features that their larger systems include specifically for smaller archers. This wrist style caliper system is fully adjustable, both for draw length and for trigger tension.

The 360-degree rotating head allows the release to have minimal torque on the string, while the padded wrist strap brings extreme comfort for all day sits. As with all Cobra releases, there is a lifetime warranty on all machined parts, which are all made right here in the USA.

Regardless of what game you hunt, bow you shoot or level of experience, finding the right release can make all of the difference on your next hunt. When possible, shoot different releases side by side to compare both features and comfort.

It won't take long for you to figure out what release is right for you and your hunting specifications. Some of the best hunting awaits you this season, so don't get caught unprepared.

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5 Best Bowhunting Releases for this Season