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The 5 Best Bow Cases for Airline Travel

SKB Cases

Don’t risk having your bow dropped on the way to your next hunt.

If you’re anything like me, then your bow is like another member of the family. If you were to pick up one of my family members and drop them on their head, I wouldn’t be a happy camper and we’d have a serious problem. The same applies for my bow.

We’ve all seen the nightmares caused by careless bag handlers at airports dropping bags and boxes and as we all know, it doesn’t take much to knock a sight off dead center.

To help keep your bow safe and secure during travel, I’ve put together five of the most rock-solid bow cases that a bowhunter can ask for.

1. iSeries 4719 Double Bow Case by SKB

SKB Cases, bow case
SKB Direct

Don’t worry about bringing two different hard cases on your next hunting adventure, the iSeries 4719 Double Bow Case by SKB will easily solve that problem. As shown above, securing your rifle and bow in the same case is simple as can be. This molded hard case features a full gasket that runs around the permitter of the shell which keeps this case water tight and dust-proof. Because SKB designed this case to house a rifle in addition to a bow, longer axle bows can also fit in the 4719 hard case with ease.

2. Pelican 1750

pelican cases, bow case
Pelican Cases

Though the Pelican 1750 is not shown above with a bow, many parallel bows will fit in this sturdy hard case. Like all Pelican cases, the 1750 is one heck of a tough case that ensures that your bow won’t move an inch during travel. Fully gasket-lined, dustproof, waterproof and equipped with wheels, this case makes traveling almost effortless. The 1750 also includes three layers of dense foam, including a middle piece which can be cut to specifically fit your exact bow setup. Never worry about your compound bow moving around inside again.

3. Deluxe 3915 Roller Bow Case by Easton

Easton bow case, bow case
Amazon/Easton Archery

If you’re looking for a sturdy travel case for your bow that includes some extra storage space, then the Deluxe 3915 Roller Bow Case by Easton is the one for you. The 3915 case is a hybrid case which has a soft outer material reinforced with a hard shell throughout the perimeter. Simply secure your bow inside with the included seatbelt strap system, zip it closed, and get on your way. The case also include three outside pockets which are perfect for small tools, string wax and your release.

4. Everest 44 Trolley Bow Case by Legend Archery

legend archery, bow case
Legend Archery

Legend Archery definitely kept the traveling bowhunter in mind when they designed the Everest 44 Trolley Bow Case.  This case can easily accommodate two bows in addition to a dozen arrows using the included telescopic hard arrow case. The only things that this case doesn’t include is a bow and some arrows, otherwise it’s fully loaded. From spacious outside pockets, wheels, an arrow case, this bow case is an absolute workhorse. Did I mention that if the case fails within the first two years Legend Archery will send you a brand new case? Not so shabby.

5. iSeries TenPoint Breakdown Crossbow Case by SKB

SKB crossbow case, crossbow case
SKB Direct

For the traveling crossbow hunter, SKB has you covered for your entire gear setup with their iSeries TenPoint Breakdown Crossbow Case. Between the entire crossbow, bolts and broadheads, fitting all that into one case can be a problem. Fortunately, SKB specifically designed this case to accommodate a broken-down crossbow and all of the accessories so you can keep everything together. As with all SKB cases, this hard case is totally waterproof and dustproof and can accommodate some large locks on the exterior ensuring no one can get in during transit.

Don’t chance your next hunting trip with a flimsy bow case, it will only ruin your hunt upon arrival. Check out these great cases and don’t forget to measure your bow before picking up a new case. Happy traveling and happy hunting this season.


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The 5 Best Bow Cases for Airline Travel