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5 Beginner Deer Hunting Mistakes [PICS]

Anyone can get out there and hunt, but here are some beginner deer hunting mistakes to think about before you go.

By making these mistakes, rookies become better hunters.

Failure to Scout

This beginner deer hunting mistake will ruin your hunt more than anything else will. It never stops and it’s not something you can do a day or even a week before the hunt. When done properly, scouting takes time.

The best time to scout is actually a few weeks after the hunting season. By scouting at this time, you can learn what the deer were doing while they were being hunted. You can find their hiding spots and safe travel trails and can then formulate a game plan for next season that will result in a trophy.

Hunter with optical rifle and binoculars in the woods2. Failure of Proficiency

What proficiency means differs from one hunter to another. One hunter’s goal may be to keep his/her rounds within a two-inch group at 100 yards. Another may think it adequate to keep his/her rounds on a 12 by 12 sheet of paper from 50 yards.

For a modern scoped rifle, an effective group is three rounds within a three-inch area at any range up to 100 yards. To master this, practice shooting your firearm multiple times before your hunt. Practice breath control and trigger squeeze as to not jerk the barrel just before the shot.

3. Too Much Equipment

As technology advances, we as hunters seem to get a little lazier. Do not depend on your equipment to compensate for things such as shooting accuracy, yard range, clothing, or stand placement. Equipment used during your hunt is just an aid and should not to be depended on. Proper clothing and proper stand placement are still to be considered when using other gear.

Accessories used properly work some of the time, but not all of the time. So before you purchase gear and equipment, make sure you know everything there is to know about the accessory. Make sure to know what it is, how it works, how to use it, and the limitations of it.

4. Lack of Patience

This mistake can be the hardest one to overcome of the five beginner deer hunting mistakes. It’s easy to sit in a blind or stand all day when you are seeing deer, but another thing to sit even for a couple hours when seeing nothing. This is when hunters start to walk around which is another big mistake.

You are more likely to jump a deer if walking around than sitting quietly in one place. This is where your scouting will come in handy. If you have scouted the area correctly, you should have no need to worry and hopefully will see some deer.

Bow hunter in a ladder style tree stand

5. When to Hunt

This is tricky because deer move really whenever they want. There is no certain time of day you can pinpoint and be 100 percent sure you will see a deer. Hunting all day is the best way to go. If you hunt a few hours here and there or only a few hours all together, there is the chance that you will miss what you’ve been waiting for. Again, a good scout routine may help you decide when prime time is to hunt in your area.

If you want to take a shot at hunting, remember these beginner deer hunting mistakes and prevent a bad hunt by educating yourself on when and how deer move and the equipment you intend use.

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5 Beginner Deer Hunting Mistakes [PICS]