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5 Beers to Take into the Backcountry [PICS]

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Nothing tastes better than an ice cold beer after a long hike into backcountry. 

Finding yourself in the backcountry surrounded by peace and quiet and the beautiful serene scenes provided by nature calls for a mini celebration. What better way than to pop open a brewsky and quench your thirst?

Here are some beers that just might satisfy that thirst after a long day of travel.

1. Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust

Adventures in poor taste
Adventures in poor taste


Brewed out of Munster, Indiana, this beer is a pale ale style with an aromatic flavor of herbs, flowers and citrus. The brew is difficult to find, and only available in IN, IL, KY, OH, and WI. If you have friends in these areas, it’s worth asking them to hook you up.

2. Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar



Brewed out of Newport, OR, this beer has won its share of awards. It is a dark beer with a nutty sweet flavor. It is brewed to quench the toughest of thirsts and is great with beef and pork. This beer can be delivered to your door if you live in OR, WA, or CA.

3. Avery Hog Heaven

Brewed out of Boulder, CO, this is a serious beer heavy on the hops. It is definitely a beer to be sipped and savored in the backcountry. There’s no better way to feel full after a long hike with this intense flavor.

4. Saint Arnold Amber Ale

This rich amber ale is brewed out of Houston, TX. It has a hint of floral and citrus in this savory malty bodied beer. For those of you fishing in the backcountry, this beer goes great with your catch.

5. Pumking

Unlucky Brewing
Unlucky Brewing


Brewed out of Lakewood, NY this pumpkin ale is only available in the fall. Its bitterness level is low and has the aroma of pumpkin pie spices and roasted pecans. Its malty sweetness just might be exactly what you need during your fall trips into the backcountry.

There isn’t anything wrong with taking thirst quenching domestic beers along with us into the backcountry, even if they add a little extra weight to our packs. These listed beers give an opportunity to wet your whistle with a different satisfying taste.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

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5 Beers to Take into the Backcountry [PICS]