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5 Bass Lures That Will Win The Bassmaster Classic [PICS]

Here’s a short list of the 5 bass lures that will likely be used to win next week’s Bassmaster Classic.


Next week, the nation’s top bass anglers will pit their fishing skills against one another to claim the Bassmaster Classic championship. The lake’s water will likely be cold, and the fish will be in winter mode, which means the Classic’s anglers will have to use certain types of bass lures. These five types of bass lures have been used by both the pros and amateurs to pull in big bass from Guntersville.

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Flat-sided crankbait are great lures for cold water fishing because they can mimic the slow movements of fish during the wintertime. Crankbaits of all variations are widely used by bass anglers who fish Guntersville Lake, and most of the Classic’s anglers will likely use some form of the popular lure to catch winning bass. 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace used a Jackall DD Cherry Crankbait 55 to win the title. Another cold-water crankbait favorite is the Rapala Shad Rap.


Both professional and amateur bass anglers have pulled in monster bass from Guntersville using jerkbait. It’s an effective year-round lure, but produces best results in cold water. Bassmaster Classic anglers will likely fish for bass with jerkbait in the top 4 to 6 feet of Gunterville’s water column, where vegetation hides some of the lake’s big bass. Expect some of the Classic’s top fish to be caught using jerkbait.

Finesse Jig

Image: Bassmaster

The finesse jig is perfect for catching crafty bass. It’s characterized by a skirt of single strands that mimics an insect. Finesse jigs like the one pictured above emulate the behavior of crawfish, which Guntersville bass enjoy munching on. Finesse jigs can be used year round, but often produce good results in cold water with heavy pressure.

Shaky Head Jig With Straight Worm

Image: Bassmaster

A shaky head jig with a straight tail worm has been a go-to bait combination for several bass fishing tournament champions. Bassmaster Classic champion Kevin VanDam used a shaky head to bag an 11-pound bass when the Classic was held in Lake Lewisville, Texas. Shaky heads often produce big catches when they’re dragged along the bottom.

Football Jig

Image: Bassmaster

Football jigs are bottom-bouncing baits that work well during the wintertime. Football jigs create an erratic motion that grabs the attention of big bass swimming on lake bottom’s. And they work well at almost any lake depth, whether that’s 6 inches or 50 feet down.

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5 Bass Lures That Will Win The Bassmaster Classic [PICS]