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5 Bass Fishing Lures You Wouldn’t Think Would Work, But Do [PICS]


Fishing pressure and weather conditions on your favorite lake can sometimes make catching fish challenging.

Throw the fish a curve ball with these five unorthodox bass fishing baits.

5. Heddon Moss Boss

Land Big Fish


The Moss Boss is an absolute classic bass catching bait. Anglers who have been around the block might be surprised to see this bait listed, because they know that this bait is a bass catching machine. In today’s modern fishing scene, however, the Moss Boss has been all but forgotten.

Hollow-bodied frogs have taken its place, and for good reason, but don’t forget about this little gem when you need to be a bit different than the competition. It’s exposed hook makes it look like a weed catching magnet, but this bait lands with the hook facing upward every time, making it ultra weedless. As you can imagine, the hook-up ratio with a Moss Boss is terrific as well!

4. Pink Finesse Worm

Hammond’s Fishing Center


Another absolute classic, but still a bizarre bass-catcher nonetheless, is the ol’ pink worm. Baits like the Zoom Trick Worm in bubble gum pink have been in the boxes of many legendary fisherman for years. And it’s not because they’re getting in touch with their feminine side- oh no. There are certain situations where a bright pink worm just flat out catches more fish than traditional baits, and for sight fishing especially, you can’t beat its underwater visibility. When bass are spawning, the pink worm can be seen from a mile away, making it easier to detect subtle bites.

3. Molix Lover

Bass Tackle Depot


The relatively new “Lover” by Molix, an Italian bait company that frequently puts out abnormal bait designs, is something that just looks ridiculous at first glance. It is a play on a chatterbait, mixed with a crankbait, and maybe even a jig? Who knows what to call it, but it definitely catches bass. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Mike Iaconelli endorses the Molix Lover, and frequently talks about it in his Youtube videos and social media sites.

2. Wake “Jig-Wobbler”

The Fishin Hole


This unique bait dropped at the 2010 ICAST fishing industry tradeshow and features some interesting characteristics that set it apart from other baits. The jointed bait features a waited “jig” head section with a long wire arm coming out of the nose, much like a spinerbait. The rear joint includes a small lip, which helps the back wobble back and forth- a main reason for this bait’s name.

The design of the bait allows for extreme versatility, where anglers can cast long distances and cover any depth range that they wish, simply by counting the bait down to depth.

1. Trapbass “Duck Jr.”



We frequently talk about “matching the hatch” in bass fishing, and all types of angling for that matter. The Trapbass Duck Jr. takes this concept to another level. What many do not realize is that large bass will take down anything within their strike zone, as long as it has heart beat. This includes juvenile ducks. I won’t talk much more about this bait, let this video do the talking. Some of the topwater strikes after the 1:10 mark are fantastic!

The next time you’re stumped by bass on your favorite lake, you might want to consider some of these outside-the-box baits. You might just be surprised at what you’ll catch!

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5 Bass Fishing Lures You Wouldn’t Think Would Work, But Do [PICS]