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5 Baits That Won't Win the Bassmaster Classic

What bait wins the Bassmaster Classic? None of these will!

The 2016 Bassmaster Classic is officially under way. At 7:30 a.m. Friday, the field blasted off on Oklahoma's Grand Lake O' the Cherokees.

The talk over the next three days will be about who is catch what, where they're catching them and -- most importantly -- what they're catching them on. As you check out the Bassmaster Live Stream, you'll notice something. Every angler that catches a fish will make sure to have his back to the camera when unhooking the bass. Why? Because they don't want anyone knowing what bait will win the Classic until they've hoisted the trophy.

Over the course of the next three days, a pattern will develop and it's likely that a few key baits will hold the key to unlocking Classic magic. But here are five baits that WON'T win this year's Classic.

Umbrella Rig


The Umbrella Rig is a powerful bait and a controversial one. It's also illegal in the Bassmaster Classic.

The rule violates B.A.S.S. regulations and has been a point of contention since its rise to popularity. The FLW Tour allows its use.

Drop Shot Rig

This is a gamble. Someone will use a drop shot during the tournament. They'll have to. They won't have figured out what the fish really want or where the big ones are staging for pre-spawn antics. And the drop shot rig catches fish anywhere, everywhere and under all conditions. But with the lake's dirty water, the time of the year. . . it's highly unlikely that the drop shot will be the bait that wins the Bassmaster Classic.


Plastic Frog

It's possible that someone will find a patch of warmer water during ideal conditions and hang a fish or two on a frog. But it's early March. The water of Grand Lake is cold. Fish are likely shallow. . . but the conditions aren't conducive to a hot topwater bite. Frogs will not win the Classic.



The Senko is one of the greatest bass-catching baits of all time. But even that great bait has its limitations. And it's slow, tantalizing fall requires some level of clarity to the water to work. By all accounts that's not the type of water that the Classic anglers have to work with. A fish or two will be caught on a Senko. But the winning bags will not.



One of the hottest new tactics on the tours is spybaiting. The technique basically requires a special type of crankbait that sinks and requires a slow, steady retrieve. On fish packed on offshore structure and "spots" it can be awesome. But, again, it requires fairly clear water and it requires fish to be holding in certain areas. The fish on Grand are staging to spawn. Sure, that will put them in areas that can hold multiple fish. But those locations just aren't of the spybait variety. We'll see plenty from the spybait this season. But not at the Classic.

So what will catch fish in Grand Lake O- the Cherokees for the 2016 Bassmaster Classic? We have some ideas.


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5 Baits That Won't Win the Bassmaster Classic