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5 Backpacking Tips to Consider Before You Hit the Road

Here are 5 quick backpacking tips that will make your life easier in the woods and on the trail.

Eric Hanson from BackpackingTV demonstrates five backpacking tips that are sure to come in handy for that wilderness fishing or hunting adventure.

Getting out off the beaten trail can be the experience of a lifetime, but it can also quickly slide into a miserable ordeal if you are not well prepared. These tips will make the journey a more enjoyable, and in some cases, a safer travel outing.

These great tips that allow you to learn from other experiences and avoid mistakes. I especially like the dirt one for cleaning pots: show me one dedicated outdoors person who has never used rocks or sand to help scrape those particularly nasty, crusted pot sets near a lake or stream.

Other tips like a lightweight fire-starter kit in your pack goes well beyond just comfort but also can become a critical survival tool if you take a plunge in cold water or the temperature takes a serious drop.

Watch WOS for more outdoor tips to make your hunting and fishing outings more enjoyable in the near future.



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5 Backpacking Tips to Consider Before You Hit the Road