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5 Awesome Trail Camera Videos of Deer Like the Ones You’ll Drop This Year

These five trail camera videos will get you excited for the upcoming deer season. As if you aren’t already.

It’s been a long time since last year’s deer season ended, but it is almost here. These trail camera videos are a reminder of why you hunt.  Enjoy!

1. Ohio grows big deer

This trail camera video is from the hunter who eventually dropped the big buck. The lucky hunter got this 22 Point Boone and Crockett whitetail on November 11th, 2014. Here is the video of the deer before the big day.

2. Big ones come out at night

This Western Kentucky buck was taking his time eating one night.  Nice and relaxed because it wasn’t hunting season. Watch the whole video for some other great trail cam shots.

3. Iowa buck at night

This video is an older one. With nearly 100,000 views, it makes sense, this one is worth a watch. The deer was dropped not long after this video was shot.

Iowa is another state known for big deer. Check out the video of this one at night.

4. Big muley

You didn’t think we would forget about mule deer, did you?  This big mule deer is the buck that you have dreams of at night.

The size of the rack on this mule deer is mind-blowing.  How would you like to hunt this dude?

5. Wisconsin buck

Seems like just about everyone in Wisconsin deer hunts. With trail camera videos like this we can see why.

Check out the trail camera video of this Wisconsin buck.



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5 Awesome Trail Camera Videos of Deer Like the Ones You’ll Drop This Year