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5 Awesome Bird Bowhunting Clips [VIDEO]

Think bird hunting is too easy? Probably not, but these folks take it to the next level and bird hunt with bows.

When people think of bird hunting they usually think of shotguns. Well, these aren’t most people.

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With a little bit of luck and a lot of arrows, these folks use the old tried and true method, a bow and arrow. Bowhunting certainly can offer more thrill and excitement, and you can tell when watching these five bowhunters bird hunting.

1. Dove Hunting Bow Hunter

If dove hunting wasn’t challenging enough, you could always try to shoot them with a bow. Personally, I burn through enough shells to get my limit. More power to Tim Wells, as he shows how it’s done.

2. Chris Bracket Arrowing a Snow Goose

Chris Bracket takes down a honker with an arrow. Talk about a pretty impressive shot. Snow goose can be blast, but using a bow can only add to the fun.

3. The “Underwater Bowfisher” Goes Above Ground

Chip City smacks down two quail the old fashion way. This looks like a blast. Too bad arrows cost a fortune. Time dig out some old arrows from the garage.

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4. Pheasant Bow Kill

These folks used some primitive arrows and shot a pheasant. This hunter hit the center and punched the bird out of the sky. Good shot!

5. Tim Wells Does it Again

According to the video, he was leading the goose by 60 feet. He shot the goose almost a 100 yards in the air! I’m not sure if it’s crazy good or luck. Maybe a little bit of both.

After seeing these 5 bowhunters bird hunting, you might feel inspired. Be sure to know your target and beyond and have fun.

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5 Awesome Bird Bowhunting Clips [VIDEO]