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5 Handguns with Insanely Huge Calibers [PICS]


We love pistols and we love huge calibers. Why not mate the two for some true Frankenstein-like guns?

These guns are ginormous. Just how we like them.

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Out of Thailand, a 1911 single shot 12 gauge pistol loaded with buckshot?

Recoil Web


How about a .50 BMG single shot pistol with a monster muzzle break?

Photo Bucket/Rgariglio


This giant shooting Remington model 1859 replica will leave you speechless.



This homemade 11-pound 12 gauge chambered revolver was captured from a Brazilian drug dealer. It holds an incredible five shots of standard 2.75-inch shot shells. It is shown next to a standard-sized Taurus pistol.

Firearm Blog


Then there is another massive 12 gauge homemade revolver. A picatinny rail on top and a forward grip adds to this awesome tacti-cool beast. This was confiscated reportedly from a Taiwanese man. We love how it says "Made in USA" on it.

Firearm Blog


There you have it, five giant hand cannons that just defy explanation. They are very interesting in a strange way and have an odd appeal.

Those are some big ass guns but man...we kind of want one.

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5 Handguns with Insanely Huge Calibers [PICS]