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4th Largest Louisiana Mako Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico

Image provided by Peace Marvel via

This Louisiana mako is a monster! 

Peace Marvel, Captain of the PeaceMaker, is something of a legend in the Gulf of Mexico. His charters are some of the best in the Gulf region. Now, Marvel gets to add another notch to his belt by guiding a client to the 4th largest Louisiana mako ever caught.

Lynn Davis caught this 550-pound monster while fishing with Marvel just this past week.


"They wanted to rest for a little while, so I drove around the (Midnight) Lump looking at stuff. I saw some interesting marks on the sounder, so I stopped and threw some chum in the water," Marvel said in an interview.

It was about that time a crew member on the boat saw the giant mako.

"I started screaming, "Mako! Mako! Mako!" said Marvel. "That shark leaned on its side and looked right at Mitchell (the crew member). "I scrambled to get the mako rod. I hooked a slab of king mackerel on, and tossed it out. He didn't eat it right away. I let the king mackerel flutter on top the water about 10 feet from the boat, and we kept chumming."

After a little coaxing, the giant Louisiana mako hit and Davis picked up the rod. Some 70 minutes had passed, mixed with some great Captain skills, and Marvel gaffed the mako next to the side of boat. Davis' line snapped on impact.


Each member of the fishing party was able to take home about 30 pounds of fresh mako with extra meat left over to spread amongst the marina when they returned.

What an incredible fish! Congrats Mr. Marvel on another great fishing record.


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4th Largest Louisiana Mako Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico