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The .458 SOCOM is Put Through the Paces [VIDEO]


This video shows off the awesome power of the 458 SOCOM!

The .458 SOCOM AR upper is meant to give the rifle a serious boost of firepower.

Watch as Andrew of GY6vids puts it to the test. The results are quite impressive!

The slow-motion videos of the ballistics gel and pumpkin are a thing of beauty aren't they? Apparently, the .458 SOCOM round came about as a result of special operations soldiers who were dissatisfied with the knockdown power of the standard 5.56 NATO cartridge.

I think it's safe to say the .458 SOCOM gives the power they were looking for and then some!

The penetrating power of this thing is seriously impressive. If you're in an area with a serious hog problem, you'd be able to really knock them down with this thing. The AR is already formidable, but this upgrade gives it some serious stopping power.

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The .458 SOCOM is Put Through the Paces [VIDEO]