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450-Yard Shot Anchors This 15-Year-Old Hunter’s Wyoming Elk

While chasing Wyoming elk with his father and brother, Ian Davidson was able to make a 450-yard shot on a great bull.

Long range shooting comes natural in the Davidson family. Ian’s dad Mike has been known to shoot deer in the eye from as far away as 700 yards.

On this hunt, Ian proves that he’s no slouch in the shooting department and nails a big Wyoming elk from 450 yards.

Watch the video to see how it happened.

450 yards! Not to bad for a kid, or anyone else for that matter.

This Wyoming elk hunt demonstrates the necessity for good shooting on a western hunt. An opportunity could present itself at 40 or 450 yards and the prepared hunter will be ready to make the most of either of these situations.

In this hunt, Ian Davidson proved that he was up to the task and has a fine Wyoming elk to show for it. I’m sure the entire Davidson family is proud. We’re excited for you, Ian, here at Wide Open Spaces.

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450-Yard Shot Anchors This 15-Year-Old Hunter’s Wyoming Elk