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43 Things We Wish We Did During National Fishing and Boating Week

National Fishing and Boating Week is almost through, here’s all the things you may have missed out on.

When life gets busy and your days run long, it’s not always easy to get out to the water, cast a line, and maybe even reel in some winners.

But in a seven day period officially deemed National Fishing and Boating Week, shouldn’t you do all you can to get out and participate in this awesome (and beneficial) outdoor sport?

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So while most states offer their Free Fishing Weekends during this time of year, there’s no good excuse not to grab your tackle box, a friend, child or inexperienced family member, and head out for some fishing.

Here’s a list of things we wish we could do before the week gets away from us, what would you add to the list?

  1. Catch a limit of trout in a stream 10 miles from home
  2. Compete in a kayak redfish tournament
  3. Ride an airboat in the Everglades
  4. Noodle for some catfish in Louisiana
  5. Catch a Guadalupe bass in Texas
  6. Solve the Asian Carp conundrum
  7. Volunteer to clean a river, lake or saltwater habitat of litter and invasive species
  8. Learn to tie a new fishing knot
  9. Take advantage of nationwide free fishing days
  10. Teach someone how to fish
  11. Catch a lunker to make buddies jealous
  12. Buy a fishing license for a new state
  13. Take a friend who’s never been fishing out on the boat
  14. Do some boat restoration
  15. Have a BBQ cook off with wild caught fish
  16. Try a new fishing technique
  17. Pull that wild caught salmon out of the freezer
  18. Smoke that salmon and eat it with a glass of wine
  19. Or poach that salmon
  20. Or grill that salmon and eat it with a cold beer
  21. Or learn how to prepare sushi with that salmon
  22. Visit a State Park and cast a line
  23. Catch a state or county record fish
  24. Buy a wardrobe of fishing shirts
  25. Visit the local tackle shop and strike up a conversation
  26. Book a guided fishing trip someplace new
  27. Travel to Wyoming to fly fish for trout
  28. Travel to Alaska to fly fish for salmon
  29. Travel any one of our United States and make a fishing trip out of it
  30. Read a book (or at least a magazine) about fishing
  31. Record a short fishing film with a GoPro camera
  32. Hold a catfish fry for friends and family
  33. Take the dog on a fishing trip
  34. Buy a new rod
  35. Or a new reel
  36. Or a shiny new lure or fly
  37. Or just some fishing line
  38. Or even a Yeti Cooler
  39. Take children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews fishing
  40. Attend a fishing seminar
  41. Start a fishing journal
  42. Start a fishing trip wish list
  43. Forget work, slow down, crack a cold one and cast a line (because that’s what it’s all about, right?)

Don’t forget to add your own wish list for National Fishing and Boating Week in the comments below. Enjoy your time on the water, and be safe! 

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43 Things We Wish We Did During National Fishing and Boating Week