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41-Pound New Zealand Brown Trout Just Misses World Record

New Zealand Brown Trout

This New Zealand brown trout is just insane. 

An absolute monster fish has just been caught, but it's not the biggest one ever. However, it was close. As it was reported, this 41-pound New Zealand brown trout just missed the current world record of 42 pounds, one ounce, by only 1.76 ounces. Now that is a heart breaker.

Bryce Helms is an avid angler. Just by checking out his social media profile, it is littered with big, big fish. However, it was this fish that will rule them all. Weighing in at 41 pounds, 16 ounces it is the second largest brown trout ever caught.

New Zealand Brown Trout

"I had no net, which made it a bit more difficult," Helms said in an interview. "I ended up halfway in the water and ended up pretty much throwing it on the land. It would have been fairly entertaining if anyone had been watching."

All big fish normally have really good fish stories to accompany them. As it turns out, this story is no different.

"I was absolutely stoked to get a fish, but it was a little bit gutting to not get the record," he said.

Considering there is no prize for second place, Helms is going to have his enormous trout mounted instead. That's not a bad consolation prize.

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41-Pound New Zealand Brown Trout Just Misses World Record