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40 Feet Long and Almost Dead, Whale Gets Rescued By Staten Island Fishermen

What did you do today? Just rescued a whale that was as long as a school bus.

A few buddies were off the coast of Ocean County, New Jersey trying to hook some striped bass when they saw something unusual off in the distance.

"We thought at first it was debris, but as we got closer to it, we noticed it was a Humpback Whale in a lot of stress," Sal Gatto, of Dongan Hills stated.

A 40-foot Humpback Whale had been caught in a commercial fishing net and was being drifted by the waves. According to the fishermen, they think it had been in distress for probably two days. They called the Coast Guard to inform them of the situation, but went ahead and took matters into their own hands.

The group began cutting the net off of the whale because they were afraid it would beach itself before it was too late.

This most definitely wasn't a typical day on the water for these guys. Kudos to them for making a great decision.

"My friends thought maybe it died, but I knew it hadn't because it was looking right at me," Gatto said. "I could sense this higher level of intelligence. It's almost like it knew we were helping it."

The Coast Guard eventually showed, but they felt Gatto and his friends had good position and were doing a great job so they let them continue to cut the ropes. After about an hour of work, they freed the the enormous and beautiful whale of all ropes and it let out a big breath. The whale swam away un-harmed besides a bit of exhaustion.

How cool is that! Just another great example of outdoors-men portraying great conservation tactics. Well done.


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40 Feet Long and Almost Dead, Whale Gets Rescued By Staten Island Fishermen