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4-Year-Old Hunter Gives Us All #LifeGoals: Buck, Doe, Turkey, Rabbit

4-year-old hunter
Tulsa World

How has your season been? This 4-year-old hunter probably has you beat.

Bagging a buck, doe, turkey and rabbit on your first-ever hunt is quite an accomplishment. 4-year-old hunter Gentry Pritchard did it recently, and this video recounts the experience. His dad was obviously proud of his accomplishment (who wouldn’t be?).

He even caught one of the shots as he was broadcasting with Facebook Live.

The Pitchards live in Grove, Oklahoma, but the impressive 4-year-old hunter downed all of the animals on a ranch in Texas. Yes, it was a high-fence operation, but before you haters start, remember his age. His father, Rusty, describes the area as being difficult to hunt due to the heavily wooded terrain and spooky deer. Adding to the difficulty is the size of the ranch, which is 700 acres.

They were asked to help control the population on the ranch and young Gentry did his part. His shot was spot on and the excitement in his voice as the video rolls is fun to watch. The group was able to cull several smaller animals and help the future of the ranch as smaller wild bucks had made it inside.

Gentry is just 36 pounds and was able to down the deer with a Mathews Mission MXB 400 crossbow, a Hawke 3X9 scope with an HHA Optimizer adjustable scope feature. According to his father in the video, he has been practicing shooting and is quite the shot. His buck came at 56 yards. Not bad for a 4-year old hunter.


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4-Year-Old Hunter Gives Us All #LifeGoals: Buck, Doe, Turkey, Rabbit