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4-Year-Old Catches 5-Pound Bass on 4-Pound Line in Ohio [VIDEO]


Any time you catch a bass that weighs more than your age, you are doing just fine on the water.

The young angler in this video tangles with a largemouth bass that weighs more in pounds than he is in age. A five-pound bass is a trophy catch to the vast majority of largemouth anglers out there. Especially for those who live in the more northern states like the one in this video filmed in Ohio.

With some great instruction from Dad and some perseverance, the young angler in this video reels in his bass from the dock on a small pond. He is obviously excited, but a little more hesitant when dad asks him if he wants to hold the nice catch.

I think it is safe to say that an angler for life was created after the nice catch in the video.

Maybe next time the young fisherman will want to hold his catch himself. Then he can move on to every kid’s favorite thing to learn about fishing…how to put a wriggling worm on a hook!

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4-Year-Old Catches 5-Pound Bass on 4-Pound Line in Ohio [VIDEO]