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4 Ways Trail Cameras Will Actually Hurt You This Season

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Trail cameras are a big part of deer hunting now. But do they always help? Here's how they will actually hurt you this season.

Trail cameras can be such an important tool when it comes to deer hunting. When used correctly they can help assist you in shooting that big buck you want so bad. But when used incorrectly, they can actually do more harm than good, here's how.

1. Location

FB/Exodus Trail Cameras

Location, location, location. It can be one of the most important aspects of using a trail cameras. They don't do you any good if they are in the wrong spot. You don't always need your trail cameras hanging right next to your treestand way back in the timber.

If you have a stand that your saving until the rut because you don't want to burn it out early in the season, but you're still going to check a trail cam every week that is right next to your stand, you can still burn it out. Instead, place cameras in the general area still, but in a less intrusive spot.

2. Nocturnal bucks


Nocturnal bucks can be quite the frustration. You get pictures of a buck all season long, but never lay eyes on him, and can't figure out why. It usually comes down to one of two reasons. One case is that buck's home range is just out of where you hunt, and there's not much you can do.

What could be happening though, is that your causing that buck to be nocturnal. By walking in and checking your trail camera often, you can condition a buck to avoid the area completely during daylight hours. That buck knows he won't be disturbed at the given location under the cover of darkness, and he chooses to only move then.

3. You become dependent

Trail cameras are a great tool to be added to your deer hunting arsenal. You shouldn't be completely dependent on them though, as they don't tell the whole story. Don't be afraid to hunt with your gut, or based on sign that you know is good.

4. They create unrealistic expectations

FB/Exodus Trail Cameras

Getting trail camera pictures of a giant buck, and actually harvesting one are completely different things. Just because you get pictures of a buck doesn't mean it will be easy to shoot him. Time and time again, people set goals based on a couple pictures of a big buck they got during the summer, and he never shows again. They're fun to look at, but don't always let them dictate how you set your goals.

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4 Ways Trail Cameras Will Actually Hurt You This Season