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Drones Got You Down? Here Are 4 Ways to Drop Illegal Drones

Shooting down a drone with a shotgun may not be the safest or proper way to dispose of a drone. Here are four options to take down an illegal drone.

Drones have taken the world by storm over the last decade. And they keep getting cooler.

While drones are a blast and do some very beneficial things in positive ways, drones seem to be popping up more in unwelcome places.

How do you take down an illegal drone? Here are four insane ways to do it. All those illegal drones better beware!

Some of these options look like something out of Star Wars. The Sky Wall net cannon weighs 22 lbs. Imagine dragging that around in the woods.

The Sky Wall is effective from up to 100 yards as it shoots a net to capture unwanted drones.. That is pretty sweet and should be a blast, but they have not released a price yet.

What might be better than a gun that shoots nets at a drone? You guessed it, a drone that shoots a net at drones. And of course, those have been invented as well and it is called the Exipio Anti Drone System.

So much technology behind all this drone business may have you worried. You aren’t a tech guy? Well don’t fret, there is an option for you as well. An eagle!

Yes, you heard right. Netherlands have been training eagles to grasp drones with their massive talons. There is video proof of it and it actually works.

Which tactic would you choose to catch an illegal drone?


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Drones Got You Down? Here Are 4 Ways to Drop Illegal Drones