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4 Ways to Spot a Newbie Fisherman (and What to Do About It)


Hey, not everyone fishes as much as you do. Here are some ways to gently help the newbie fisherman.

If you fish often (and have a boat) you probably get the frequent request to take someone along for the day. Of course it is always fun to get a newbie fisherman some more experience and share your passion.

Here are four ways to quickly judge the fishing prowess of your guest and then if they need help some thing you can do about it.

1. Rod and reel position


Hand someone a rod and reel and you will instantly know if they have done it before. If the spinning reel is upside down, gently explain how to get a better grip on the rod and make it easier to reel in a fish.

2. Casting

Bass Resource

Either you will see a rainbow shaped cast or your reel will end up with a backlash.  Offer tips to make long and accurate casts. If you see they are struggling, offer up a new (and much heavier) lure to help them cast further.

If they are two new to fishing to use a baitcast reel, stick with spinning or spincast gear.

3. Fighting a fish

360 Tuna

Once your newbie fisherman hooks into a fish, you will see one of two things.  Either they will instantly fight a small fish like a giant blue marlin and risk breaking the line or they will freeze.

The latter is where you need to help coach them on when to reel and when to let the fish run.  If they are horsing the fish in without any regard, that is another time to coach and slow them down.

4. Knots

As a serious angler, you know how important knots are.  If you ask your newbie fisherman what knot they use and they draw a blank, teach them Palomar. It's easy to tie and one of the best knots out there.


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4 Ways to Spot a Newbie Fisherman (and What to Do About It)