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4 Videos That Will Change Your Perspective on Air Rifles

Forget what you think you know about air rifles.

Modern air rifles are bigger, more powerful and have more uses than ever before. Whether you're looking for a toy for target shooting, doing some pest control or taking down big game, there's an air-powered weapon on the market that can get the job done.

1. World's Most Powerful Production Air Rifle

In this five-minute video, Texas' gun and bow enthusiast TwangnBang shows the effects of a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) that shoots 45-caliber slugs with the power of a 45 Colt centerfire cartridge. Watch him tear apart a concrete block and flatten his 405-grain cast lead bullets.

2. Homemade Air-Powered Sniper Rifle

This short video has gotten the attention of over 5 million viewers. Once you see this homemade high-powered air gun drill a nail into a 2x4 at considerable range, you'll know why. Watch video and air gun creator Josh Shoemaker shoot nail darts from his air gun into a wood play set and water jug by simply turning a valve.

Jamie Hyneman's High-Pressure Air Gun

In this video, "MythBusters" star Jamie Hyneman shows off a high-pressure air gun that is used for firing less than lethal rubber shots. And dog toys. And wooden stakes. Anything with a circumference comparable to that of a ping pong ball can be shot out of the pneumatic launcher. This tank-fed projectile allows you to vary the amount of air pressure between rounds, so you can up the ante on your next shot.

Pest Control With Air Rifles

Squirrel Hunter is on the hunt in this real-time video. He also shares a great list of links in the description of the video, from how he made his air rifle to multiple articles on why squirrels are pests to an article on why animals kick their feet after a head shot. His scope cam is surprisingly high quality, but his play-by-play audio may have you putting the video on mute. Hunter waits for the squirrels to take his bait of peanut butter and wheat, noting that they prefer the wheat to the peanut butter in the homemade feeder.

Keep Cabela's Shooting Park in mind when you're ready to gear up and hit the woods with your own air rifle.


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4 Videos That Will Change Your Perspective on Air Rifles