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4 Videos That Show the Craziest Experimental Ammo

Experimental ammunition helps us, as shooters, push the envelope in power and performance.

Here are four videos that prove to be quite interesting tests of experimental ammunition.

1. The .22-06 Duplex M1 Garand Cartridge was meant to put more bullets out of a single shot on target. With each pull of the M1 Garand Service Rifle, two or three smaller sized bullets would streak toward the target. This was an attempt at multiple shotgun blast style hits on the enemy. Accuracy issues doomed this experiment from the beginning and the duplex bullet experiment was canceled.

2. The incredible steel dart Flechettes originally were loaded into artillery shells for a shotgun affect on enemy personnel. This would especially some what useful in thickly wooded jungle areas. These were tested in a saboted form fired from rifles as single projectile or many loaded like the below video in a shotgun shell.

The problem with the flechettes is many hit sideways and loose penetrating power on target. The shotshells are offered commercially as a specialty exotic round.

3. The exploding shotgun slug has been a dream of many. Here is a finned version of this concept loaded with high explosive and packed in a shotgun shell. It is tested in this video from a fully automatic AA-12 Machine Gun. It’s a very cool idea, but many would worry they would possibly detonate in the shotgun’s barrel prematurely.

4. Turn night time into day light with the incredible Dragon’s Breath shotshell. This shell is full of flammable metal that when fired from a shotgun causes a flame thrower type effect. This is fun for starting bonfires but will also start wild fires if the shooter discharges them in the wrong spot. Use the Dragon’s Breath shotshells with extreme care.

These four experimental exotic ammunition videos is just the tip of the iceberg and continue to be steps for better ammunition designs.



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4 Videos That Show the Craziest Experimental Ammo