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4 Tips for Field Dressing Small Game [PICS]

Image via Wikimedia

Do you need help field dressing small game like rabbits and squirrels? 

Hunters know field dressing small game is no tiny task.

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Read the list for some great tips on field-dressing small game.

1. Start at the feet

When field dressing small game, like rabbits, it's best to start by removing the feet at the ankles. Then slice under the skin along the back, creating an opening. Once the hole is large enough for your hand, grab the rabbit by the waist and turn the skin inside out pulling the hide down to the head.



2. Work towards the head

Remove the head with a cleaver, and then split the pelvic bone in half. Use the knife to cut the tailbone at 45 degree angled slits,to loosen it. Then pull towards the midsection, removing the tailbone and any other remaining entrails.

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3. Tail techniques

When field dressing small game like squirrels, place the animal on its stomach and cut into the base of the tail. Don't remove entirely though, only cut through the tailbone and loosen the skin near the tail.



4. Please, tread on me

Stand on the tail, putting your weight on the loose skin, and pull the hind legs. The skin will peel off up to the front feet at which point, you will have to pull the remaining skin off around the thighs with your fingers.

The above tips for field-dressing small game are methods applicable to both rabbits and squirrels. Now that you know more about dressing these critters, go out and put these techniques to the test.


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4 Tips for Field Dressing Small Game [PICS]