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4 Things to Outfit Your Vehicle and Create the Ultimate Hunting Helper


Here’s how to outfit your vehicle and make it a hunter’s home away from home.

Hunting is a great American past time, and one of the most popular reasons people head out to the great outdoors. The National Hunting and Fishing Day organization reports that more than 38 million Americans spend 228 million combined days a year hunting.


Equipping your vehicle to be the ultimate hunting rig is the best way to make sure you are ready for the trip ahead. With that in mind, here’s a look a a few pieces of gear designed to make your vehicle the ultimate hunter’s helper.

CargoLoc Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Not everyone has a huge pickup truck but bringing cargo with you or bringing back a trophy requires space. Enter the CargoLoc Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier. Mounted in your trailer hitch, the carrier makes it easy and convenient to haul a treestand, camping gear or even a buck back home after a successful hunt. The Cargo Carrier can carry a load of up to 500 pounds on its steel mesh platform, and comes with 12 built-in tie-down points on the frame.

Terra Grappler Tires

Chances are, you aren’t hunting down the street. Getting to your favorite hunting spot requires you brave all sorts of terrain on the way there. Don’t try to do this with factory standard tires – go for Nitto’s Terra Grappler Tires. As comfortable on a city street as they are crawling through mud and brush, the Terra Grappler is a great all-around, all-terrain tire that offers the perfect balance of comfort and strength. With a 3D tapered groove tread that gives you the bite necessary to go off-road exploring as well as stone ejectors that remove debris from your treads, these tires are just what you need to get off the beaten path.

Mud River Truck Seat Organizer

Making the most of your truck’s cabin space is key if you want to bring all your tools with you, and keeping them organized is just as important. The Mud River Truck Seat Organizer is a simple and handy way to keep all your hunting tools organized and stored in the cabin of your truck. Attaching to the back of your seats, the Mud River Truck Seat Organizer uses four foot-wide pockets and two 49-inch wide padded gun cases to separate and protect your gear. The largest pocket on the bottom can even fit a standard shotgun, and can be removed to function as a field gun case. Quick to assemble and easy to install, the organizer will make getting your gear into the field (and accessing it once you get there) easier than ever.

TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover

If you are headed for less-than-hospitable places to go hunting, chances are you are going to encounter some pretty rough weather. Keeping everything stored in the back of your truck safe and secure is easy with the help of a TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover with its clamp-on installation and vinyl-coated 14-oz leather grain fabric. Requiring no drilling to install means that it is easy to remove when you don’t need it, and the positive latching mechanism is hidden from sight to ensure would-be thieves don’t have access to you gear while your truck is sitting in your driveway.

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4 Things to Outfit Your Vehicle and Create the Ultimate Hunting Helper