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4 Texan Women Honored by Audubon Society with the Terry Hershey Award [VIDEO]

Four women in Texas were honored with the Terry Hershey award from the Audubon’s Texas Women in Conservation Program for their contributions to Texas wildlife conservation. 

Carol Dinkins, Susan Rieff, Ellen Temple, and Mary Anne Piacentini were presented the Terry Hershey award on Feb. 5 due to their immense contribution to natural resource conservation in Texas. These women have shown leadership and advocacy in cities throughout Texas.

Andrew Sansom, a member of the board of Audubon Texas and Chair of the Terry Hershey Women in Conservation Awards Steering Committee, said;

The history of the conservation movement in Texas is replete with the leadership, passion and dedication of extraordinary women and surely among the most extraordinary of those is Terry Hershey, for whom this award is named.


Audubon Texas was established in 2001 as the state program of the National Audubon Society. The conservation work that the program oversees includes 70% of the Gulf Coast, 3 million acres of statewide grasslands and 19 Important Bird Areas.

The National Audubon’s Women in Conservation Program is a new program branching from Audubon Texas. They recognize Texas women’s role in conservation while supporting opportunities for girls and women to become more involved in environmental protection around Texas.

See more, including video biographies, on the individual achievements of the Terry Hershey award recipients here.

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4 Texan Women Honored by Audubon Society with the Terry Hershey Award [VIDEO]