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4 Summer SUP Activities for the Outdoors Enthusiast

If you think that buying a paddleboard is going to only be for your kids to use, think again.

Stand up paddleboards (SUPs) are becoming the newest rage in the sporting community. Choosing the right board, deflatable or hard, depends on how you prefer to travel with it and if it matters that you have to blow it up every time you want to use it.

SUP activities provide a great core workout, help to fine tune your balance and offer a means of travel to areas that otherwise may be inaccessible by other crafts. Once you get the hang of SUPing, consider using it in one of the many other ways ? not just lapping around a lake ? that others have found.

1. Paddleboard Rafting

Take the SUP to a new extreme. Traveling down a rapid speckled river is not for a first-time stand up paddleboarder, it requires familiarity with the sport before running rapids. Kayakers and rafters are now turning to SUPs to get a bigger thrill out of what they considered to be smaller water features. An experienced kayaker may see a class III rapid as no threat, but when placed in a SUP, the water becomes much more difficult to maneuver.

2. Paddleboard Fishing

Beautiful woman in bikini fishing and paddleboarding in the bahamas

Paddleboards provide a great surface for relaxing with a line in the water. The boards are big enough to bring along all your necessary fishing equipment, and once you get to your desired spot, you can hang your feet in the water and have the whole platform to lay out your gear. Paddleboards are free of any noise and won’t run the risk of scaring away the fish. They are also very easy to load and unload your gear off of.

3. SUP Snorkeling

Paddleboards can go anywhere. Taking them out on the ocean is not outside the realm of possibilities. Pack along your snorkel gear to get a view of what’s under the surface. Bonus: You won’t even have to get off your board. By laying on the top of your SUP, you can place your face in the water and let yourself take in the view. Since the paddleboard isn’t motorized, you will find that fish and other aquatic life will come closer than if you were on or near a boat.

4. Dog Paddle

man paddleboarding at sunset with dog

If you are looking for another way to bring your dog along on your adventures, try SUPing with him. Put your pooch in a life jacket and send him out on the water alongside your board. After you have tired him out (or he gets too cold), see if you can bring him onboard. If you can successfully get him up without flipping, you can pride yourself on acquiring excellent balance through your SUP use.



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4 Summer SUP Activities for the Outdoors Enthusiast