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4 Steps to Perfectly Photograph Your Next Trophy Buck

trophy buck photo
Michael Hunsucker

There's nothing worse than having disappointing trophy photos!

You've put hard work, sweat and time into preparing for your hunt this season. Finally, the season comes, you make a great shot, and now it's time to document the memory of a lifetime.

We've all seen terrible hunting photos. You know, the ones where the light is awful, the ones where the hunter looks like he or she is trying to wrestle the deer, and the ones where there's more blood than shark week. Stand apart from the crowd this season and take some professional-quality photos of you and your trophy within minutes with these simple steps.

1. Prepare your trophy

What you want to capture is a perfect hunt, a gorgeous animal and a clean setting. Take a damp cloth and wipe down your buck to remove any blood. Next, cut the tongue and close the mouth (the open mouth look never looks good). Take a comb (yes, seriously) and make sure the hair is smoothed out and looking pristine. If that buck rolled down a hill, chances are it looks like it, too.

Real Eyez
Real Eyez

Want to take it to the next level? Add a set of REALEYEZ to your buck's eyes and it will change the look of your deer in seconds.

2. Get the light right

One of the easiest ways to ruin any great outdoor photo is to be backlit by the sun. Not only will it crush all of the details within your photo, it will also be nearly impossible to fix on a computer. Be sure to take a few minutes to find a good spot with lots of light behind the lens and plenty of field of view. Photos always look more impressive when you can showcase the landscape your trophy came from.

PA Whitetail Deer Hunting
PA Whitetail Deer Hunting

3. Bring along a tripod

You never know when the buck of a lifetime is going to give you that perfect shot. When that moment presents itself, you might be alone, and being alone doesn't make taking a great picture any easier. To combat the odds of taking an awkward selfie with your buck, be sure to bring along a tripod to set your camera on. It doesn't take a crazy expensive camera holder to take make this task easier; it just takes a polymer tripod that has adjustable legs and securely holds your camera in place.

Be sure to screw your camera onto the top and adjust the legs accordingly to ensure that your photos will be level.

Trophy photos

4. Take the perfect photo

Now, the moment that you've been waiting for: the photo! The best place to sit for a big buck photo is right behind that monster rack. Be sure to distance yourself a little bit to give some depth to the photo and to show the rack compared to you in the background. Before you take the photo, tuck the front legs underneath and extend the neck to show the entire buck from the angle at which you're shooting your photo.

Midwest Whitetail
Midwest Whitetail

For an even more dramatic pose, angle your camera from slightly below to take a shot looking up at you and the buck. It's a simple way to make your buck look incredible in a photo!

Press the self-timer and get ready for a great photo!

It doesn't take a professional camera crew to take stellar shots of yourself and your next trophy; it just takes a little time and the right equipment. Remember to always keep an extra set of batteries and memory cards with you while out in the field. There is nothing worse than not being able to take a perfect photo because of a dead camera!

Happy hunting and say "big buck!"

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4 Steps to Perfectly Photograph Your Next Trophy Buck