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4 Amazing Sportsmen Trips to Make This Year [PICS]

These beautiful locations claim some of the best sportsmen experiences available. Knock one or two out this season.

Whether you’re a fisherman or a hunter, there are some memorable experiences to be had in the great outdoors this season. The following regions boast more than just breathtaking views; they also offer some of the best fish, fowl and game you can find in North America.

Boat Fishing in British Columbia, Canada


Halibut fishing in British Columbia usually begins in April. It’s easy to get your boating license online so you can cruise the beautiful waters of the Pacific Northwest in search for this meaty and delicious fish. The most successful halibut fishermen will tell you that it’s all about location. Rather than focusing too heavily on gear, investment should go toward accurate and effective GPS systems for the greatest results.

A bit south of British Columbia, you’re also bound to have good luck. Some of the best halibut humps are found between Neah Bay, off the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, and North Whidbey Island, located in the Puget Sound. This picturesque region is astounding with its sweeping mountain views and extensive display of native wildlife.

Deer, Elk & Antelope Hunting in Montana


The majestic Montana terrain is home to a great sprawl of flora and fauna. There are plenty beautiful, big game to be caught in this region, specifically whitetail deer, mule deer, elk and antelope. The season for antelope hunting starts in mid-August; elk and deer hunting begins around early September. The season varies depending on whether you are hunting with archery or rifle.

Lake & River Fishing in Utah


Provo River, Utah, offers some of the best fly fishing in the nation. It is a quick drive from Park City, and will provide endless fast action fly fishing. The area offers about 3,000 trout per mile, which typically run about 18 inches long or larger. The brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout, coming from a premiere trout fishery in the area, are known to reach record size. The best fishing along the river can be found in Upper Provo, the longest stretch of the river. Bass fishing in the area is also common. The Jordanelle Reservoir, in the north section of the Provo, is famous for its trophy smallmouth bass. It also has some trophy largemouth bass that can be caught in the area.

Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii

It's a little late to sign up for this one--the event is November 12th to 15th. But consider it for next year. The tournament takes place in Puerto Vallarta, in the northwest corner of the Jalisco province. Image from Wikipedia.

For your very own Hemingway-style, sport fishing adventure, Hawaii can be an unforgettable, action-packed experience. The best way to get the once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience is by joining a chartered deep-sea fishing expedition. The boats are equipped with the best gear to ensure you find off-shore fishing success. Shared charters can start around $60, where you can troll for smaller game while enjoying the tropical waters and sights. The North Shore off of Oahu you’ll run into large schools of trophy, game fish. Blue marlins, caught in this area, can weigh up to 1,000 pounds! A private charter experience, where you can catch unbelievably large game, costs around $800. This includes a full day of fishing on a 30-foot boat, where you fish for the likes of striped marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, spearfish, and tuna.

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4 Amazing Sportsmen Trips to Make This Year [PICS]