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4 Sewer Fishing Videos That Prove It’s Just So Crazy It Works [VIDEO]

Fishing in a sewer might just be your new favorite fishing spot after seeing these four of sewer fishing videos.

Have you fished in your nearby sewer or storm drain? Probably not, but maybe you should. These four videos will convince you that you might be closer to a fishing hole than what you really think.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of these sewer fishing videos.

1. Ripping lips in the backyard

This looks like a lot of fun. If you don’t have a pond in your area, head to a drainage system. You just might land a bass like this fella.

2. Texas Street Fishing

His secret bait was a hotdog. Who would’ve guessed that?!

3. Sewer pipe bass fishing

The owner of this video lost a $5 dollar bet, because his friend caught a fish out of the sewer pipe on his first cast. I guess we learned to not bet against sewer fishing.

4. Hanoi Sewer Fishing

If sewer fishing wasn’t unorthodox enough, these folks from Hanoi, Vietnam stirred up an impressive catch. No fishing poles or hooks for this fisherman. Just a stick and sewer drain.

Remember you can’t catch fish, unless you go fishing.

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4 Sewer Fishing Videos That Prove It’s Just So Crazy It Works [VIDEO]