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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Bow Now [PICS]

As deer season wraps up and new bows start hitting the market, the time to upgrade is now.

2015 is already shaping up to be a banner year for archers and bowhunters, as many established bow makers are bringing new bows with tons of exciting new technology to market.

In addition, we also learned at this years ATA show that many smaller archery companies are producing bows that can, for the first time, compete with the big boys. If you’re looking to get into archery or are simply hoping to upgrade your rig, the time is now.

Not only is winter the best time to buy a brand new bow, it’s also a great time to buy a bow that is new to you. These four reasons aren’t just for archers or hunters with money to burn, they apply to the budget-conscious shopper as well.

1. New models are already hitting the shelf

Image via Surf and Turf Custom 
Surf and Turf Custom 

In the last few months, most major archery manufacturers introduced (many at the ATA show) their new models for 2015. For the new bow buyer, those models are probably on the shelf (or on their way) to a pro shop near you. If you’re looking for a new-for-2015 model, you better act fast and get one while you can.

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2. Prices on last year’s equipment crash

Unfortunately, not all of us have the means to upgrade our bow every year… or even every decade. All the impressive new technology is great, but does it matter if you can’t afford it?

You may surprised, but it does! As manufacturers introduce (and push) new models, it means the prices on last year’s inventory (or even used bows) can, in some cases, come down drastically.

If you’re looking to upgrade, don’t just look at all the great new bows for 2015. Last year’s superstars may now be within your reach… and are probably still pretty good bows. Plus, they’re new to you!

3. You’ll have time to fine tune your set up

Image via French Creek Outfitters 
French Creek Outfitters 

Archers are notoriously fickle; half the fun of the sport is getting to try new pieces of gear and fine tune your set up until it’s just about perfect. If you buy a new bow now, you have plenty of time to fiddle until it suits your preferences. Tuning takes time, and it’s something you don’t want to wait until the week before deer season to do.

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4. You’ll have time to practice

Every fall, thousands of archers take to the woods with the latest and greatest bow that will sling an arrow at ridiculous speeds, and every fall they miss (or worse, wound) their target because they haven’t taken the time to first fine tune their set up, and then practice with it.

If you buy a new bow now, you’ll have plenty of time to refine your skills before deer season arrives. Instead of waiting until just before the season opens to start shooting, try this: set yourself a goal of no more than 40 arrows a week, shot in at least 3-4 different sessions. Taking fewer shots at a time (instead of several hundred a week) and spreading them out forces you to focus on each shot, and can help keep you from developing the bad habits that creep in when archers loose focus. Some go as far as shooting one shot per day, every day.

With enough time and practice, you’ll be ready to introduce that buck of a lifetime to your shiny new bow.

5. You can take it out for spring turkey hunting

Image via Mossy Oak  
Mossy Oak  

Many archers put their bows down after deer season closes and don’t pick it up again until it reopens, but you don’t have to! If you buy a new bow now you can use it to chase spring gobblers. Not only is hunting turkeys with archery tackle a great challenge, it gives you yet another way to test and tune your equipment before deer season returns.

While many wait until late summer or early fall, these were four reasons why we think you should buy a new bow now. Whether you’re looking for more time with a new-for-2015 model or simply are hoping for a deal on last year’s must-have, the time for a new bow is now.

Just tell your spouse we said it was okay.


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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Bow Now [PICS]