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4 Reasons Why I'm a Fan of Hardy Face Paints

Hardy Face Paint

Hardy Face Paint gave me new hope for concealment using face paint.

Face paint has grown in popularity over recent history in the outdoor industry. Various prominent hunters like Willie Robinson, Kip Campbell, and Christ Bracket use it to signify their own personal brand.

However, like you, I'm just a regular hunter who wants to use a fundamental product that actually works.

hardy face paint
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I've personally used face paint in early season situations when it's too hot for a mask. If you're blessed enough to grow decent facial hair, face paint might not be as essential for staying undetected.

Some common issues I always ran into when using other face paints were smudging, greasy oil feeling, smearing, and odd odors.

This last weekend, I hunted dark to dark for whitetail in the Midwest and gave Hardy Face Paints a test. Here are four reasons I like Hardy Face Paint.

1. Easy application

Applying Hardy Face Paint is a breeze. I took the tube out to the stand and once I was settled in, I applied it with their easy applicator. When applying the paint, it went on easy and mess-free.

2. It doesn't smear - really.

I wanted to put Hardy Face Paints to the ultimate smear test. Although it's a little strange, I decided to sleep with the paint on my face Saturday night and to see if it came off while I slept. To my surprise I woke up to a clean pillow and non-irritated skin. I didn't even re-apply the paint for the next hunt.

3. It comes off easy.

From my experience, Hardy Face Paint came off easily with a warm paper towel or wash rag.

4. It's odorless

Hunting mature whitetails requires proactive scent control. This Friday, I had a close encounter with a mature whitetail downwind while hunting in a low-standing tripod stand. A simple nose test clarifies that there are no strong odors present.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was so pleased with Hardy Face Paints, and will continue using their paint while hunting. For $8.99 for a USA-made product that works well, you can't really go wrong.

If I had to make one complaint, the only draw back is if Hardy Face Paint gets in cold temperatures, it will ruin the product. However, knowing this, it will be easy to avoid that scenario.

If you love looking at hunting pictures and creative face paint designs, check out their Facebook page for exclusive deals and information about the Hardy Face Paint.

For more information and to view all the details of the face paint, visit Hardy Face Paints and consider ordering your own for the remainder of the hunting season.


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4 Reasons Why I'm a Fan of Hardy Face Paints