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4 Outrageous Hunts You Won’t Believe Exist

outrageous hunts

From tradition to ultimate hunting tests, these outrageous hunts still happen today.

There are some some odd and outrageous hunts that are ancient, useful, and out of the ordinary. From non-native and out of control snakes to outrunning antelope, these animals are hunted in unique ways and in odd places.

Outrunning Antelope

In Africa, it is a long standing tradition to use human’s ability to cool quickly and run long distances to fatigue antelope until they can be caught.

This hunt relies on stamina and persistence, but can result in the ultimate hunting trophy which demonstrates a hunter’s physical strength and unique hunting abilities.

This low-tech hunt has existed since ancient times and continues to this day in primitive African and Central American tribes. Do you think you’d have what it takes to run down an antelope?

Shooting Snakes

It is a well known fact that boa constrictors are thriving – a little too well – in the swamplands of Florida.

Image via
Image via

Recently, the first Python Challenge was organized to allow the residents of the area to cull these foreign pests that have been detrimental to the rest of Florida’s native residents. Florida funded and awarded the hunter with the most kills with $1,500 in hopes that this hunt would make a small dent in the state’s 130,000 pythons that overrun the natural habitat.

Unfortunately, fewer than 100 snakes were killed by over 1,500 sportsmen!

The Ultimate Bow and Arrow Test

Hunting pheasants with a gun is challenging, but what about using a bow and arrow instead? The ultimate test of a archer’s marksmanship is hunting pheasants. Dogs are used to flush the birds from the bush and then the hunter uses a bow and arrow to bring them down.

These birds are quick and hard enough to shoot with a shot gun let alone a bow and arrow. Think you could pass this challenge?

Helicopter Hog Hunting with Semi-Automatics

Another non-indigenous species over running a state’s natural ecosystem and agriculture makes for an usual and challenging hunt. Hog hunting in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas can be done by flying around in helicopters with semi-automatic rifles! This allows hunters to shoot and kill as many hogs as possible at one time.

outrageous hunts
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Wild hogs are a threat to humans, farm animals, local agriculture, and native animals in the local ecosystem.

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What do you think of these odd and outrageous hunts? Do you think using vehicles, planes, and helicopters is a fair hunting strategy? Share your opinion below in the comments!

h/t Sporting Classics Daily

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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4 Outrageous Hunts You Won’t Believe Exist