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4 of the Best Hunting Knives for this Deer Season

If you’re planning on shooting your biggest buck to date then you’ll need an extra sharp hunting knife to help do the work.

About eight years ago I was butchering a buck with a knife that seemed to hold an edge for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. Not only that, but the blade wasn’t the right shape and the handle wasn’t comfortable to hold in order to completely process this deer. It was a pretty awful experience to say the least.

Check out these hunting knives below that are sure to do the trick this deer season without dulling out or giving your hand an awful cramp.

1. Silverstag Cascade Hunter

hunting knives
Silver Stag

Made from D2 steel, this knife is perfect for skinning and boning out your deer this season. The team at Silver Stag is serious about making knives that look just as amazing as they function. Trust me when I say that these things are razor sharp.

Combined with one of Silver Stag’s fantastic leather sheaths, this knife will be good to clean all the deer you want this season. Super sharp and outstanding quality.

2. Buck Open Season Skinner Knife

hunting knives
Buck Knives

One wrong move when gutting a deer and you have a serious mess on your hands that can really spoil your meat. The Open Season Skinner from the great team over at Buck will have your deer opened up in a matter of seconds with its super sharp gut hook, all the while holding a secure grip from the dymondwood handle.

3. Benchmade Grizzly Creek

benchmade, hunting knives

When it comes to hunting knives, it doesn’t get much better than the Benchmade Grizzly Creek. With a 3.5 inch folding blade and separate gut hook, you won’t have to worry about having the hook hang up in the meat while boning out quarters. Now that’s a handy feature.

Fully equipped with a frame lock and comfortable wooden handle, this knife will help process your buck from field to freezer.

4. Outdoor Edge SwingBlade

hunting knives, outdoor edge
Outdoor Edge

As the name suggests, the SwingBlade from Outdoor Edge is one of the most versatile and functional hunting knives that you can carry with you on each hunt. Other than the fact that the swing blade feature is extremely useful and helpful when gutting and skinning game, this knife was built for the most rugged elements.

The push button lock on this knife secures the blade in place so you’ll never have to worry about anything flipping back on your hand. Though the grip on this knife might not be wood, it’s extremely comfortable to hold and you won’t ever misplace it on the ground due to the blaze orange coloring. The SwingBlade is an excellent all around knife choice.

There’s no doubt that the knives above will definitely help to quickly gut, skin and bone out your next deer this season. Like most things, caring for your gear during the off-season is crucial, so be sure to keep your knives in a dry location so that they don’t start to rust and tarnish.

Good luck this season, happy hunting and enjoy your new knife!


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4 of the Best Hunting Knives for this Deer Season